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M. D. of AIEL

Vikram P. Lamba

There was a time in city, when grey-haired typical college lecturer types, having eye covered with bottle bottom thick spectacles used to run English classes with maximum emphasis on grammar. Awfully ignored spoken part was the major problem being faced by students, as during the interview nothing else but the fluency and confidence matter.

During these crucial time, there was a youngman, who decided to fill this vaccum and founded American Institute of English Language (AIEL) with the mission to let the people speak in popular American style English like a native. And the young man was none other than Vikram Lamba, Founder and MD of AIEL.

His success story goes back to 1991, the year he started AIEL, at very humble scale with the help of his elder brother O.P. Lamba who is settled in U.S.A. Within a decade his success has not only covered U.P. but it has travelled a long way and spread over to most of the India, having more than 400+ franchises across India.