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About AIEL

Foundation of American institute of English language Saharanpur centre was laid in 1998, since that time we have been training people to get closer to their career's goal.

It may be surprising, if somebody does not know about American institute of English language in Saharanpur district.

English, as a spoken language, is perhaps the most widely respected language and has gained the class & status unparalleled by any other language in the world. In countries like India, quality and fluency of English is considered a guaranteed success for making one's career. Here at AIEL we the professionals are committed to bringing excellence in making English a simple spoken language for every day use.

As our logo indicates, we are "The Speaking People" we make English as simple as 1-2-3. The results of our success can be measured through the number of our quality language centres and lakhs of satisfied students. Within a decade of our inception in 1991, we have swept across most of the India and have opened a number of AIEL centres, spread over many states of the country presently.